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Secret Lab Map Prices & Guide
Updated 9/2/2021                                                           By Mousekat

Current Lab Map Prices

Lab map prices fluctuate... a lot.

These prices are just a guide, but we do our best to keep them as accurate as possible. If you think the prices have changed, or if you have sales data to share, please use the contact button located at the bottom of this page to let us know!

It's important to remember, the hardest part about collecting the map right now isn't the price, it's finding the pieces.

Underneath each piece is the piece number, the current estimated value, and a star rating indicating how rare a piece is.

★☆☆☆☆ : Buyable      
★★☆☆☆ : Common     
★★★☆☆ : Uncommon
★★★★☆ : Rare              
★★★★★ : Ultra Rare  




To use your completed map to find the Secret Laboratory go here!


The Neopian Pound
By Mousekat

The Neopian Pound is where you can pound, adopt, or transfer pets.
It is located in Pet Central.

This one is the most straightforward. To pound a pet navigate to the pound and click on the Yellow Techo sitting on the right. You will be taken to a page with a list of all of your pets (looking very upset).
Click 'Disown PetName?' beneath the pet you wish to leave at the pound.
It will cost 250 NPs.

Unlike on Retail Neopets, they will not ask multiple times if you are sure, they will just immediately be put into the pound, so make sure you click the right pet!
It is in the page coding though, so at some time in the future it may become functional.

The Quick Adopt Link:
Before we get into adopting and transfers I want to explain the Quick Adopt Link, or QAL, a bit. To work the link you simply type the name of the pet into the box below, and click either link, or copy and paste the link into a new window. This can also be done manually by adding the pet name to the end of either of the two links. Both links basically work the same.

Quick Adopt Link Generator
by Rodolfo

Quick Adopt Links:

As long as you have the space and the Neopoints (and the pet is in the pound) they will instantly be adopted.
If you put the name of a pet that is owned it will tell you they are happy in their home, and if the pet doesn't exist you will get a 500 error. If you're adopting from another user or transferring a pet this is a good sign of if you spelled the name correctly.

If the QAL doesn't work for you try these troubleshooting tips:

  • The link is CaSe sEnSiTiVe! Make sure the name
         is spelled and capitalized correctly.

  • Make sure there is NO / after the pet's name

  • Try typing www. before "neopetsclassic"
         (this is second link on the generator)

  • If the www. is already there, try removing it

  • Try another device

    This ones a little more complex but not by much. To adopt a pet navigate to the pound and click on the Pink Uni sitting on the left. You will be taken to a page with 3 different pets who have been left in the pound by other users.

    From here you can continue to click "Find a Neopet at Random" until you find a pet you like. Once you do you can adopt directly from the page if the pet is in the middle. If they are on the left or the right however, you'll need to use the Quick Adopt Link.

    The price to adopt a pet is displayed on the page as well. The base price is 63 NPs but this price varies with the pets stats. Any pets adoption fee can be found using Jellyneo's calculator here.

    This one is the most complicated but can be done safely if you take the proper precautions, and it becomes easy with practice.
    Transferring a pet is when you use the pound to either move a pet from one of your accounts to another, or when you are adopting a specific pet from another user.

    If you are moving your pet between your accounts you will need two browsers. These can both be on the same device or separate devices, such as a computer, phone, and/or tablet.
    The first time you attempt to transfer a pet you should try to have three or more browsers open, so that if you do run into any configuration issues you have a back up ready to adopt. Once you have had a 2-3 successful transfers you'll know your configuration is working and you wont need to have back-ups ready anymore.

    Choose a device to log into the account you want to pound from, whichever one you think is most likely to cause you issues, such as having the slowest internet. On every other browser you have open log into the account you want to adopt on. Make sure you have enough Neopoints out to adopt (you can use the calculator mentioned in the adopting section for this), and that you have room, and that you don't have a recently pounded pet as your active. In each of these browsers set up the Quick Adopt Link and have them all easily accessible.

    If you are adopting out a pet you only need to be prepared to pound on one browser. Pounding a pet can only go wrong in that it doesn't pound, so you don't need to have immediate back-ups ready. If you are adopting a pet from someone, take the same precautions as above, but set all browsers to the QAL.

    Now pound the pet you want to transfer.

    Immediately start refreshing the QAL in your most reliable browser, you can even start before the pet is pounded to be extra safe. 99% of the time the pet will instantly appear on your account and you're done!

    There are a few things that can go wrong when transferring a pet, if the pet isn't on your account first start trying your backup browsers, sometimes certain devices are just picky. If none work try the QAL troubleshooting tips. This is usually the culprit.
    There is also a chance the pound will tell you that you have the maximum amount of pets when trying to adopt a pet but this is somewhat rare and usually related to pounding an active pet to make room, as they are not removed as your active until you do it manually.

    If you do find yourself in the situation where you've tried all of your devices, and all of the QAL tips, open your pets lookup to make sure they made it to the pound and are still in there. If they are then the next step is to try surfing the pound to find them. People have been able to adopt the pet in these situations if they can get them to appear in the middle spot.

    If none of these things work, post in the Pound-Surfing channel on Discord, some one will usually be there to help troubleshoot and someone might even be nice enough to keep your pet safe while you figure out what went wrong.

    In the worst case scenario of someone else adopting your pet, just Neomail them. Be calm, be polite, don't freak out. Just tell them what happened.
    If you're very nervous about this happening you can attach a PetPet with a note with your username and saying the pet is being transferred, keep a window open with the pets lookup and you can refresh it and immediately take a screenshot of the PetPet with your name on their account so you have proof that the pet came from you. Nearly every time I've seen a pet has been lost in the pound, the person has returned them.

    Don't be too nervous, a lot of these issues are minor or uncommon. Just some of the little quirks that come along with NPC being a baby fan site. Safe transfers are in the works are should be coming sooner rather than later.

    Until then, Happy Pound Transferring!
    Good luck and stay safe!


    Random Events
    By Mousekat

    Random Events, or REs, are messages that sometimes display at the top of the page while you are browsing the site. There are three main types of random events on the site, good, bad, and useless.

    Good REs include:
  • Items- Food, Codestones, Transmogrification Potions,      Seasonal Items, Paint Brushes, Lab Map Pieces, Tokens
  • Pet Effects- Stat Increases, Boochi*
  • Neopoints- 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 750, 1000, 5000
  • Account- Shop Increase, Gallery Increase                             •    Food- Carrots, Pears, Tomatoes

    Bad REs include:
  • Neopoint Loss:
         - Ghost - 40 NPs
         - Tax Beast - 10% on hand NPs
         - Sloth - 20% on hand NPs
  • Pet Effects- Boochi*, Level Increase**

    Useless REs include:
  • Pets: Red Poogle, Red Draik, Green Scorchio, Pink Poogle,
         Blue Shoyru, Ghost Lupe, GRUNDO
  • Spooky: Mysterious Chanting, Horrible Dream
  • Pet Effects: Boochi*

    * Boochi can be good, bad, or useless since can hit a pet that you did want baby, he can hit a pet you didn't want baby, or he can miss completely.
    ** The training school currently doesn't require 'trainable' stats, so keeping your pet's a lower level is beneficial to training costs at the moment.

    Random Events are on an 8 minute timer.
    What this means is that once you get a random event you will not receive another for at least 8 minutes, but after that every page refresh will have a chance to give you one.
    Some good RE timers to use are the Stopwatch & Timer app in the Chrome Web Store, which is a small pop-out timer, or if you would like multiple timers for things like restocking and timed dailies, there are, and MultiTimer on iOS.

    Some pages do not show Random Events. This includes the pound, the shop wizard and its search results, and the bank. Common places to refresh for REs are your lookup, your inventory, Auction House, and Money Tree. Since the last three are all on this bar -

    - a popular tactic is to click the icon of your preferred location to refresh the page. This makes it so when it comes, the RE moves the bar down, making it so you can't accidentally refresh past the RE. It's important not to refresh too fast or pages wont fully load and you might miss it as well.
    It's also good practice to keep your Neopoints away when not in use, and especially when refreshing for REs, so you can avoid losing them to bad ones.

    Random Events tend to come in waves. This has been confirmed to be unintentional and is being worked on, but as of right now we have good streaks, boring streaks, and bad streaks (looking at you tax beast). The best way to tell how the REs have been behaving is to check out the Random-Events channel on the Discord. People report their REs so that the trends can be easily spotted.

    For the most part though Random Events are a great way to earn Neopoints and items. Just keep a vigilant eye out for token days and hope for the best!

    If you would like to help track the trends of the Random Events,
    please use the form below to log your REs into our database.
    Just simply copy and paste your RE text to the form and submit.

    Thank you!
    Random Events Tracker


    Restocking Guide
    By Mousekat (Updated 5/3)

    Kauvara's Magic Shop
    Please click on an item you wish to buy.

    Restocking, or RSing, is when you buy an item from one of the Neopian shops at a low price, to resell for a profit. Restocking on Neopets Classic is similar to restocking on Retail Neopets, but there are a few key differences.

    The first difference you may notice is there is on the haggle screen. There is no pet captcha. Making things a little bit simpler than retail.


    There are nine shops currently stocking items in Neopets Classic right now, those are:

  • Kauvara's Magic Shop - Morphing Potions
  • Neopian Fresh Foods - Cheese, Carrots
  • Neopian PetPet Shop - Angelpuss, Babaa
  • Slushie Shop - Various Slushies
  • Faerieland PetPets - Barbat, Cirrus, Floud, Miamouse, Harris, Faellie, Flosset
  • Spooky PetPets - Blorpulous, Calabat, Chumablah, Devilpuss, Dribblet, Ghostkerchief, Green Tentacle, Grobrin, Marbluk, Melton, Psimouse, Skelly, Sklyde, Slymook, Slorg, Sludgy, Werhond, Bloop
  • Tyrannian PetPets - *List Needed* Bloop, Airax, Uggatrip, Donkasaur
  • Plushie Palace - A ton of basic plushies, some Faeries, and some painted Kikos.
  • Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop - A small selection of Snow Foods, so far.

    There are also some shops that are "open" but have not started stocking items yet. They will be included on the list when items start stockinh

    This brings up to another main difference, which is that as of right now the only a few of these are really worth spending time in.
    Theres Kauvaras, she sells all kinds of morphing potions. A (mostly) full list can be found in the Restocking Sheet on the Guides page. Currently these can be the most profitable items in Neopia other than Pet Tokens.
    Then there is Plushie Palace which is good for not only job items but for newly released plushies, which sell for high amounts the first couple weeks after release.
    The rest of the shops mostly carry job items which can be found on the EA prices guide. Mainly Foods Shop for tomatos and Spooky Petpets for Devilpuss.

    Random Events

    Random Events can be great, but when you're restocking they can also be kind of scary. The two REs that come into play while restocking are Tax Beast and Sloth, who take 10% and 20% respectively of your on hand Neopoints.
    This is why it's important while restocking to also run an 8 minute RE timer. People usually carry between 50-160k with them while restocking, depending on how much they are willing to spend. You want to know when the next RE is coming so you don't get hit with one while you have all those Neopoints out. 20% of 160k is 32,000 Neopoints, and that's a solid loss for anybody.
    The best way to make sure you don't get hit is the banking method:

  • Have three windows or tabs open at all times, the shop, the bank, and the place you prefer to refresh for REs.
  • Get your first RE before you start restocking, and start your 8 minute timer.
  • Take out you Neopoints and go to the shop page, refresh and make sure your Neopoints are out and ready for restock.
  • Once the clock hits a restock time, the shop will stock usually within the next three second window. Start refreshing a little before the restock and keep going a little after, about 2-3x a second or whatever your browser can handle while still getting full, smooth refreshes.
  • After restock IMMEDIATELY put your Neopoints back in the bank.
  • Go to your RE refreshing page and prepare for that timer to go off.
  • Repeat.

    Sometimes your timers will overlap, the best way to avoid it is to try to never get your RE exactly 1 minute before the next restock. For example if the next restock is at :07:00 you don't want to get your RE between :05:45 and :06:15. It's better to wait until after that window and hope you get it in the :45 seconds after, then to get it at :06:00, since that would put your next RE at exactly :14:00, with no chance of avoiding it unless you're very lucky.
    And if it's a day when Tax Beast is lacking mercy, and you haven't gotten your RE, there's no shame in skipping a stock if you can't afford the risk. Check the Random-Events channel on discord to see which events are common that day.


    So now that you're ready to start, the first thing you're going to do is set up a timer. My main recomendation is the RS Timer on the scripts guide, bit in case that doesn't work for you here are some aleternatives. This is the longest section because we'll go over a few different timers and how to use them, so you can pick the set up that's right for you.

    The shops on Neopets Classic all restock on the same set schedule. The restock will always happen at the turn of the hour and every seven minutes afterwards. Or to put it simply, they stock whenever the minutes on the clock read any of these numbers:

    >: 00   07   14   21   28   35   42   49   56

    There are a good few timers out there you can use.

  • TimeMe.Com - (Version 1) - (Version 2)
    If you are using a PC, you can use my pre-made restocking alarm on TimeMe.Com. It will give you an accurate alarm for up to two hours without needing to be reset. The time on the page goes off of your computer time and can only be set down to the minute, which is why there are two versions of the alarm.

    With Version 1 of the alarm, if your clock is synced to internet time, it should go off exactly one minute before RS. If however, you set your computers internal clock 25 seconds ahead, for example 12:00:25 instead of 12:00:00, your clock will change over 25 seconds before NPC's does, causing the alarm to instead go off 25 seconds before restock.

    Version 2 is similar, but this version is set to go off at the same time as the restock. This one is only useful when you adjust your internal clock. To use this one you would set your clock behind, for example 11:59:25 instead of 12:00:00, your clock will change 25 seconds before 'NPC's does, also causing the alarm to go off 25 seconds before restock.

    For either one the time can be adjusted.
    For Version 1 the seconds you add are equal to the time you'll have between the alarm and the restock, in Version 2 they are equal to the number you take away. Version 1 is a bit easier to use, especially if you don't mind the full minute after the reminder, or if you just prefer your clock to be ahead instead of behind. Version 2 is a bit easier to keep track of how much time is left since the numbers match the actual restock times. You can use whichever one works for you.

    To reset the time at the end of the 2 hours you can either manually change the hour numbers for each time, which will keep your hours displaying accurately, or you can use the "Adjust" feature to subtract two hours, which is much easier and quicker. This will make it so your the hour is inaccurate, but this does not effect the functionality of the timer.

  • - (Link)'s timers are much simpler to set up, but they take a little more work to keep going.

    To use their timers to restock, you first need to do some math.

       - First, think about how many seconds you'd like between your timer and      restock, let's say 25 again.

       - Second, add the number of seconds you think it will take you to reset the timer      and round up, lets say 15 seconds.
    0:25 + 0:15 = 0:40

       - Lastly, subtract that number from 7 minutes
    7:00 - 0:40 = 6:20

    This is the time you want to set your timer for. With these settings, your ideal time to restart your timer is at :15 seconds after restock. If you hit it early or late your alarm will adjust along with it. So if you hit it at :20 after you aren't going to be too far behind, but if you forget and don't start it until :40 after you'll be too late.
    I recommend setting a backup timer that you can hit around the 2-3 minute mark for those times we get a caught up chatting after a good stock. You can use the timer names to note which time windows they should be used during.

    One major benefit to using this site is that you can also use it to track your Random Events (and other timed site activities). Though, they can also be used together with TimeMe if you don't mind having both open.

    MultiTimer (iOS)- (Link)
    MultiTimer is my personal favorite option. It's only downside for restocking purposes being that it's a phone app, and unsurprisingly that makes it hard to use your phone while you're using it. This can be worked around though if you have another iOS device to run it from, or another device you can use for things you'd normally do on your phone, like a tablet.
    MultiTimer being a phone app isn't strictly a downside though. If you're not at home it's a great way to keep track of your Training and Scratchcards. And if you restock on an Apple device already then it's actually a huge plus.

    What really sold me though is their interval timer (and the fact that the app is beautifully designed). This is a timer originally intended for workout routines, which ironically lends itself perfectly for us to use to sit and stare at a screen for hours while doing as little physical work as possible.

    This is my main page.

    From here I can click a timer and instantly reset it. Or I can lock them so they need to be long pressed and manually stopped or started to avoid accidentally stopping them.
    The unlabeled timer can be set to any time, I use it when I miss a timer and for auctions (and tbh when I'm cooking and restocking at the same time).

    These are my interval timer settings.

    The top section is your main timer. Instead of repeating the same 7 minute timer each is labeled so setting and following the timer is super easy. Each is marked with the time it should go off, which is the same as the time you'd need to click it to set it.
    For example, say it is xx:17:00 NST (the xx can be any hour). That means the next available timer is for xx:20:35.

  • So first, click the magnifying glass in the lower right corner of the main page. This will show you details for your timers. Navigate to your Restock timer.

  • Then click play to start the timer and then right after, hit pause. This isn't time sensitive.

  • Now click the List icon, 4th from the left. This will bring up all of your labeled times. Select :20:35, and hit the magnifying glass again to head back to the main page, your timer will be set and paused.

  • Now wait for :20:35. You can even use the unassigned timer to set a reminder for about 10 seconds before.

  • At :20:35 start your timer. You now have a timer that will go off :25 seconds before every restock until it runs through all of its intervals, or until you turn it off.

    The bottom section has a slightly different color and has a reminder to reset the timer. This section will only cycle once, at the very end of your intervals.
    Each interval is an hour long, in my example my main timer has 7 intervals, plus 1 from my reset reminder, so my timer will run for 8 hours straight without me having to touch it once. This number can go ridiculously high, so set it to be as long or as short as you'd like.

    One last plus about MultiTimer before I start asking them to pay me for the advertising, is that in the settings you can make it so that you can have any combination of sound, vibrations, and LED light notifications. This is amazing if you have any sort of sensory issues since you can basically set to be anything between complete silence or a simple vibrate, for those who don't like too much noise, to a flashing, vibrating, musical reminder that will catch the attention of even the most distractable person, and anything in between. So you can really customize it to be exactly what you need.

    Step 4. Profit???

    The last thing I'm going to touch on is profitability.
    This is something that can really vary depending on a lot of factors. Mostly coming down to how many un-spent Neopoints are currently in the economy. Since shop prices are static, some items may go from turning a profit to being loss if people no longer want to pay above cost for it.

    The best way to see what is and is not worth buying is to study the Restock Tracking Sheet on the Guides page, and to hang out in the Restocking-and-Price-Checks channel on the Discord. See which items the more experienced players buy, but more importantly to the ones they are relieved they didn't buy accidentally. There are a lot of potions that seem like an easy sell that often times lead to a loss. Such as Baby Jetsam, which is cheap but hard to sell over other babies, or Darigan Acara, which isn't wildly unpopular but is hard to sell and stocks at over 100k, so it's hard to make your base cost back.

    The most important thing to remember is to have fun. No one was good immediately, and we've all had our fair share of bad purchases before we learned the ropes *cough*40k Blue Blumaroo*cough*. If you feel like it's starting to become more stress than fun, take a break. Spend some time talking to others and getting advice. Just keep practicing and you'll be restocking Draiks before you know it.