2021 Trick Or Treating Guide

Released: Oct 31st, 2021
End: Unknown

Collect candy by doing activities around Neopia and exchange them for tickets at the Wanderer Camp!

Each ticket will request 3 random types of candy from 6 possible candies. These candies are only awarded through random event-like notifications that happen when doing activities. These are NOT the same candies that restock as items on the site. You can see what candies you have in your Event Pouch.

Possible candies are:

Blue Toffee


Dark Chocolate Korbat Lolly

Chocolate Covered Chocolates

Jack-o-Lantern Cookies


How to Get Candy

  1. Visting these places for the FIRST time will get you 3 pieces of candy each
    1. National Neopian Bank
    2. Donny's Toy Repair Shop
    3. Healing Springs
    4. Tarla's Shop of Mystery
    5. Wishing Well
    6. Neopian Petpet Shop
    7. Booktastic Books
    8. Spooky Petpets
    9. Faerieland Bookshop
    10. Kiko Lake Carpentry
  2. The Wheel of Misfortune if you land on the sick slot (every 2 hours)
  3. Random when spinning the Wheel of Excitement (every 2 hours)
  4. Random when spinning the Wheel of Knowledge (once daily)
  5. Completing a training course at either Mystery Island Training School or Krawk Island Academy
  6. Random when completing a job at Faerieland Job Agency (up to 10 daily)
  7. Random when feeding a kad at the Kadoatery
  8. Visting Coltzan's Shrine (every 12 hours)


10 Ticket Prizes

Zombie Draik Egg
5 Ticket Prizes

Bat Boy

Candy Vampire



Mummy Baby

Walking Carpet




Short Fuse

3 Ticket Prizes

Bluepepper Porridge

Boiled Lizard Stew

Army of Undead Cupcakes

Crypt Crisps

Rest in Pea Soup

Spyder Eggs

Cole Slaughter

Spectral Cinnamon Rolls


Disgruntled Candy Corn

Eerie Eggs

Spyder Muffins
2 Ticket Prizes

Halloween Kiko Bag

Happy Hunting!